Karelian Pasties

Like other new pie in these days, Karelian pasties still has its popularity to choose as pie consumption, so if you think that the new pies are the best one, this is better to compare this kind of traditional food. What is on your mind when you know how this is known as oldest traditional pasties? Rye is main material which all pie makers choose, so wherever you go, all the pies are made from rye. It is of course additional ingredients are varieties such as butter, rice and egg. Besides that, the topping is made different, so though the pie maker cooks some pies with at one time, he will choose different topping choice, so, those pies will look more beautiful and varieties. Do you know why this food is becoming top and popular choice to consume at most countries besides in its origin country? The taste and great benefits of rye is always becoming consideration and reason why people choose to try, even consuming this food for daily meal?

Food is dealing with culinary travelling, so when you love to travel for more and more time, it is important to try more foods including these pies. So, why the latest pies are different with traditional one? As mentioned, in these days, the additional ingredients are varied, while in the traditional pasties are different. To improve baking characteristic, this food is traditionally made by using wheat and rye. In 19th century, potatoes are used to new fillings, and after that due to trade, both rice and millet are used as new filling choice. Until this time, pies always become top food to consume for most people. If you love to consume healthy food which uses the rye and wheat as main ingredients, you can choose Karelian pasties and then you will know how this is very delicious to try for more times.

Traditional Food From Finland

Foods which are similar with Mammi might are able to find in your origin country, but are you sure that those foods has same taste? I do not know because I never compare them before, so to know how different or same they are, you can take some similar foods with this dish. This dish is most traditional food to eat in Finland. In the traditional way, this was baked in boxes made of birch bark, but nowadays, you can purchase this at grocery stores. By the time, baking process is not only different, but it also goes to be more and more modern, so the process does not take long time. Knowing and loving to consume some traditional food does not mean you do not have modern lifestyle, but you are able to know how valuable process and history of some foods, so that you can enjoy those foods as modern meals with new appearance.

Do you want to try making this food at your home? Now, before going to market, I will guide you for making a list of ingredients of this food. These are very simple to get because the ingredients are sorghum, water (about 1 liter), rye flour and salt. The first step is boiling water, molasses, and salt with slow boil, so you should set the stove for slow boiling. After that, stir in 1/4 of the rye flour and then turn of the heat and then let it cool for 10 minutes. Second, you should stir in the remaining of rye flour, and then remove from the heat. Next, you can pour it into casserole. Final process is baking it not more than 3 hours. For reserving, you can choose some ways such as using milk or sugar. If you have other serving options, it is better to try.


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